and i miss your blog so much! you are so creative, kind and unique, plus your psds has been forever best. hope you doing well, good luck with college, but come back anytime ;)

thanks booooo <3

hi sarah, so I really want buttahbbenzo url if I come off anon would you give it for me?

my replies are always the latest :s if you still want the url & if you ever so happen to see this (which I doubt), message me again and I’ll give it to you:)

i miss your blog so much :(

aw thank you but i’ve been so busy with college

pretty little liars + black and white.

Life Hack #842049


Instead of having a crush on a living human boy, punch yourself right in the fucking face for the same affect. 

"I’m quite an indecisive person, so my style varies with the day and my mood. That’s what’s so fun about fashion, that you don’t have to have a particular style. You can be creative and take risks. I just view it as playing dress up."

Selena discussing the focus on appearance and the sexual objectification of women in Hollywood